Portico Kids COVID-19 Response

In accordance with CDC guidelines, if a person has COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test, the person may return after

(1) 3 days with no fever and
(2) symptoms have improved and
(3)(a) 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, or 
(3)(b)  have received 2 negative tests in a row, at least 24 hours apart.
Upon notification of someone with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test for COVID-19 who was in the building, Portico Kids will implement the following protocol:
  • The Volunteer and/or family reporting possible COVID-19 infection will notify the Kids Director.
  • Portico Kids will be closed for up to 48 hours after the report of possible infection is received. During this time, the entire facility will undergo extensive cleaning and disinfection, paying particular attention to those areas frequented by the person who may be infected.
  • The Kids Director will ask for contact reporting to determine other people with whom the infected person was in close contact while at Portico. Those families and Volunteers will be notified (without identifying the sick person) and asked to remain at home for 14 days in accordance with the CDC guidance. People who do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms during this 14-day period may return to Portico. If those people develop symptoms, they should notify the Kids Director and remain at home, following the CDC guidance for what to do if you are sick.