Portico Mom Talk: Practical Conversations About Life in the Motherhood

Moms, do you ever wonder about things like ... How do I manage my child’s screens (time, content, and/or age of introduction)? How do I encourage good friendships for my child? Is it possible to have rules other families don’t without my child feeling like the one left out? How and when should I talk about things like dating with my child? Does it mean I’m a failure as a mom if my child fails? Or maybe there’s another mothering issue altogether on your mind?

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, but it does come with a supportive community. So, bring your questions and join us for an informal, practical conversation with a mom who, although no expert, has 18 years of mothering experience (with boys and a girl) plus a healthy sense of humor.
Hosted by: Amy Thornton
When: Choose one session from 4 different options:
-Monday, August 31 - 7:00pm
-Wednesday, September 9 - 1:30pm
-Monday, September 14 - 1:30pm
-Wednesday, September 23 - 7:00pm

How: Via Zoom!
Registration: Advanced Registration Required!
Other: Each session will be capped at 12 participants
Questions? Email Amy at [email protected]