ONE SERVICE SUMMER: 10:00am Starting 6/12

The Theater, Station, & Playground

The Theater, Station, & Playground |  For Kids 3 Years Old - 3rd Grade

When kids arrive in their rooms, they will participate in session starters, relationship building, and completing an activity sheet until the service starts. Kids  can also give their offering in their rooms during this time.

Large Group | A Time For Worship & Learning

When the service begins, children from the Theater, Station, and Playground gather in the Theater, Room 100 for Large Group. Large Group includes learning the Big Picture of the lesson, watching a Bible Story Video, a time of Worship, hearing The Gospel: God’s Plan for Me, practicing the Key Passage (memory verse), and prayer. 

Small Group | Experiencing The Lesson

After Large Group, kids return to their rooms to talk about the Bible Story, participate in games and activities, write on their journal pages, and pray.

Kids in the Theater, Station, and Playground have a snack. All of the snacks provided are peanut-free and made in peanut-free factories. Please be sure to indicate any food allergies your child has during check in. Volunteers will check for allergies listed on your child’s security sticker. Families are welcome to provide a peanut-free snack from home.