The Nursery

The Nursery | A Safe Place for our Littlest Ones (6 Weeks Old - Crawling)

During this unique time, the Nursery is only available for the babies of the Volunteers currently serving in Portico Kids.
The Nursery is a loving place for our youngest Portico kids. Volunteers in the Nursery will spend time playing, talking, reading, singing and praying with your little one. Napping is a common pastime in the Nursery too, and there is a dedicated room dedicated to sleepy little ones. Volunteers are also happy to give your child a bottle from home. Please have as much of the bottle prepared ahead of time with water in a container and the formula pre-measured. Volunteers are not able to leave the room to get or heat bottles or water during the service.
To serve you best, please label all of your child’s things before dropping them off.
Nursery Volunteers will wear masks while serving. Also, your little one will be paired with one Volunteer to limit contact with others (1:1 Ratio). While they are in our care, babies will have a baby seat, play pad, and pack ‘n play just for them. Parents will be paged if a diaper change is needed during service.