Values & Missional Distinctives



Psalm 33:8
We were created for awe. We were created to find out joy in worship.


Hebrews 10:24-25
We were created for community.


Titus 2:1
We were made to mature. The church's role is to make disciples. 


Ephesians 2:10
God has made us for ministry. Our lives were made for a mission. 

Missional Distinctives

We belive that our mission should be a reflection and/or an illustration of the Gospel. Therefore we have four missional distinctives that biblically and tangibly illustrate the work of Christ on our behalf. 


We want to be intentional in loving, encouraging, serving, teaching, and training people in their marriages or in their preparation to be married. 


We do not want to be a people that merely have a mercy ministry, we want to be merciful people, transformed by the power of the Gospel. 

Racial Reconciliation

Portico seeks humbly to be a catalyst and agent of racial reconciliation in Charlottesville. 

Future Generations

We want to love future generations, through training and equipping parents,  adoption, our kid's ministry, youth ministry, college students, and fighting for the lives of the unborn.