ONE SERVICE SUMMER: 10:00am Starting 6/12

Core Values & Missional Distinctives

Core Values

Core Values are commitments that create our culture, represent our culture, and protect our culture. They guide us in accomplishing our mission of Creating Churches for Future Generations. They not only represent what we value most but direct how we use our resources (time, money, opportunities). People should experience these values in our community. 

Empowered Discipleship

The gospel creates new life.

The gospel forms us, shapes us, positions us as worshippers among our families, workplaces, and communities.

Portico culture empowers people to take ownership of their faith. 

Generous Hospitality

The gospel creates a family.

Warm, authentic relationships establish a foundation where a diverse community can thrive. This hospitality doesn't stay within our doors but finds ways to serve our local community.

Portico culture empowers people to take ownership of their place in this gospel-family. 

Gospel Influence

The gospel creates influence.

Intentionally equipping every believer for the work of ministry is our response to God's call to go. This ranges from equipping Christians for everyday life to developing Church Planters through our pastoral residency.

Portico culture empowers people to take ownership of their opportunities.

Missional Distinctives

Missional Distinctives define our focus in shaping the church, community, and region with the gospel.


We strive to be intentional in encouraging, serving,  and training people to have strong marriages.


We strive to be merciful people, transformed by the power of the Gospel. 

Unified Diversity

We believe God's glory is best revealed in a diverse community. We strive to build a unified family that is diverse ethnically, generationally, and socially. 

Future Generations

We seek to build up future generations by equipping parents and kids to live as disciples of Jesus. This includes children's ministry, student/college ministry, adoption and serving those who have unplanned pregnancies.