Pastors & Staff

Chris Atwell

Lead Pastor of Vision & Instruction

What I do at Portico: Lead the mission along with our staff team and elders. Preach the gospel on Sunday mornings. Invest in church planting through Acts 29. Serve on the board of Grimke Seminary.
Years at Portico: We planted in 2004.
Years in Ministry: Since 1994.
Grew up in: Charlottesville, VA (an increasingly rare townie!)
Favorite Food: It’s like asking me to pick out my favorite child!
Favorite Portico Memory: There was a particular September Sunday in 2006, after 2 brutal years of planting, when 200 folks just showed up and never looked back. It was God’s affirmation that He was planting His church.
What I love about serving at Portico: Serving with people who help me thrive in the grace of the gospel.
On my day off you can find me: I’m probably trying not to be found along with my wife and 3 daughters.
A book I would recommend: Seriously, just one? The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul.

Kendra Aylor

Director of Kids

What I do at Portico: Ensure our kids hear the Gospel in a safe, fun environment with the help of our amazing Portico Kids Team!
Years at Portico: My husband, David, and I started coming to Portico in 2006 when we were meeting at a Jazzercise studio.
Years in Ministry: I've been involved with Portico Kids since 2006. And, I've been the Director of Portico Kids since 2010.
Grew up in: I’m a military brat. So, I grew up all over.
Favorite Food: I love blueberries and whipped cream. I also love a good steak.
Favorite Portico Memory: Pretty much the start of every Portico Kids Camp, after months of preparation, when all the kids are streaming in the door with smiles on their faces excited for the week!
What I love about serving at Portico: I love getting to meet all of our new families and getting to see all of our regularly attending Portico families as they come into Portico Kids. I also love that I get to use my creativity, love of music, and love of kiddos to grow God’s kingdom.
On my day off you can find me: hanging out with my family. And, we are probably at a sporting event, either at UVA or for one of my three kids.
A book I would recommend: I highly recommend Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids. It gives great practical advice on making sure kids see that Jesus is the biggest and the best thing in their lives.

Justin Conger

Lead Pastor of Ministry Leadership

What I do at Portico: It's my joy and honor to be a part of God's work here at Portico. I'm primarily focused on shepherding through empowerment and equipping of the saints in our church family. I work to ensure there are systems, structures, and people in place to allow God to work in and through our church family with as few distractions as possible. I help lead our team, and keep us aligned to our values to keep us focused on fulfilling our vision of Creating Churches for Future Generations. I am also known as the guy who get's things done. I love seeing project, events, and ministries executed well for God's glory and the church's enjoyment. I love my team, my church family, and my Lord. It's all because of Jesus I am here!
Years at Portico: since 2007
Years in Ministry: since 2000
Grew up in: Modesto, CA Nor Cal!
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Portico Memory: Too many to count. I am still thinking.
What I love about serving at Portico: The fact I am able to use my gifts for Jesus in a church that loves the Gospel first and foremost! And, the community we have at Portico is unmatched! We are a true family!
On my day off you can find me: Playing with my family, spending time with my wife, shopping, on tech or somewhere outdoors.
A book(s) I would recommend: Mistakes Leaders Make, Gospel Coach, The Reason For God.

Desmond Glenn

Pastor of Community & Discipleship

What I do at Portico: I oversee all community groups, and equip people to be effective followers of Christ.
Years at Portico: I’ve been at Portico since 2015
Years in Ministry: I’ve been in ministry since 2015
Grew up in: I was born and raised in Marvell, Arkansas #countrybred #countryfed
Favorite Food: Fried Catfish
Favorite Portico Memory: My first day on the job, we took a trip to Philadelphia that made a major impact on me spiritually, and it showed me how much the team valued spending time together.
What I love about serving at Portico: I love serving the people that Jesus has allowed me to serve and oversee.
On my day off you can find me: Spending time with my family and working out
Books I would recommend: All the books of the Bible, On The Block by Doug Logan, Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt, and The Gospel Comes With a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield.

Jon Huang

Director of Worship

What I do at Portico:  I manage the sights and sounds of worship on Sunday morning, and help foster new leaders for our music and tech-booth teams.
Years at Portico: Since 2014
Years in Ministry: I'm happy to have started in 2020!
Grew up in: Herndon, VA
Favorite Food: All manner of Pot Pies, Pho, Ramen, Pizza and Sushi
Favorite Portico Memory: The highs and the lows that I’ve walked through in life with our community group by our side.  All the moving, campfires, late night talks, theological discussions, and accountability that comes with living with those that support me as family.
What I love about serving at Portico:  I love the ability to collaborate with our music team in leading meaningful, gospel driven worship.  I love tackling creative projects with a supporting staff that I know deeply cares about the church they are serving.
On my day off you can find me: Hiking a nature trail, discovering/writing tunes, spending time with family, preferably eating one of my favorite foods.
A book I would recommend: Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin

Caitlin Jones

Pastoral Executive Assistant & Director of Ministry Services

What I do at Portico: A little bit of everything and that’s just the way I like it! My primary function is to assist Pastor Chris & Pastor Justin with their ministry and administrative needs.  You can find me planning our quarterly Investor Gatherings (member meetings), coordinating travel plans, or updating our Portico Instagram account!
Years at Portico: I started attending in 2013, became a member in 2014, and joined staff in 2015.
Years in Ministry: Since 2015.
Grew up in: Clinton, Connecticut. Born and raised in New England  - Go Red Sox!
Favorite Food: Taco Bell.
Favorite Portico Memory: I love Sunday mornings at Portico - especially in the Springtime when people spill onto the sidewalks chatting and kids climb on the rocks after service. Fellowship abounds.
What I love about serving at Portico: I moved to Charlottesville not knowing anyone and truly found a family here at Portico. It’s a joy to serve alongside this team and the people we serve are amazing in spurring us on towards Gospel mission.
On my day off you can find me: At a UVA sporting event; I have season tickets for Men’s Lacrosse and Baseball. I also love reading, hammocking (can I make that a verb?), and photographing candid shots.
Books I would recommend: Awe by Paul David Tripp or Dead Wake by Erik Larson

Daniel Kwak

Pastor of Student Ministries
What I do at Portico: I have the privilege of leading, equipping, and teaching students (7th grade-college) at Portico. I believe with every fiber of my being that students aren’t the future church. They ARE the church (Doug Fields).
Years at Portico: Since 2019
Years in Ministry: Since 2014
Grew up in: Orlando, FL (go Gators)
Favorite Food(s): Tacos, Wings, Sushi. All day, err day.
Favorite Portico Memory: Kids Baptism. Wooowheee. What a b-e-a-u-tiful thing to witness.
What I love about serving at Portico: I love the people and the culture. Since the day that I first walked in through the doors, I've been overwhelmed by the love, hospitality, and generosity of this church. I can visibly and tangibly see the kingdom of God being built as the church lives out the Gospel.
On my day off you can find me: Watching sports, reading a book, listening to a podcast, trying out new food joints.
A book I would recommend: Radical by David Platt

Janet Lohr

Finance Manager

What I do at Portico: All things numbers and accounting -  bills, donations, bank accounts and budgeting!
Years at Portico:  I have been an Investor since 2008 and on staff since 2012.
Years in Ministry: I have been loving Jesus and serving Him in some capacity at a church since 1989.
Grew up in: Hampton, Virginia
Favorite Food: Any food involving tortilla chips!
Favorite Portico Memory:  Honestly, our first visit still sticks in my mind as one of the sweetest.  Our family had been praying for a new church home and had decided to try Portico first.  Everything ministered to us from the minute we arrived - the people, the music and the message.   We grabbed Portico t-shirts on the way out (of course!) and the rest is history!  We knew we were home!
What I love about serving at Portico: I love what I do, and I love being able to do what I love alongside my church family.
On my day off you can find me:  Exercising, having lunch with my besties, or hanging out in Madison County with my hubby and my family and whoever drops by to visit!
Books I would recommend:  Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper, All the Light You Cannot See and Harry Potter.

Laura Sanders

Portico Kids Resource Manager

What I do at Portico: Print and prep materials, clean and organize kids classrooms, set-up kids computer programs
Years at Portico: Since September 2017
Years in Ministry: Since 2013
Grew up in: Clarksville, TN and Hampton Roads, VA
Favorite Food: So much (Mexican, spinach salad, all seafood, dark chocolate sea salt anything, sour gummy bears)
Favorite Portico Memory: Kids Camp every year - always such a great event!
What I love about serving at Portico: I love the culture and foundational beliefs of Portico and the authenticity of the people.
On my day off you can find me: With my husband and two energetic little boys!
A book I would recommend: I'm not the best reader but I love any books, blogs, and podcasts related to motherhood through a Christian lens and minimalism/simplifying the stuff in our lives.

Bliss Spillar

Pastor of Ministry Training
What I do at Portico: It’s my joy to serve Jesus and His Church as one of the Pastors here at Portico sharing in the preaching, leadership, and pastoral care of the church at large. My primary responsibilities are to serve you through developing and overseeing training strategies for our church. I work with our Executive Team and Planting Partnerships (like the Acts 29 Network) to build and shepherd a residency program that trains, sends, and supports church planters and ministry leaders.
Years at Portico: Since 2019 (I previously served on staff at Portico from 2012-15)
Years in Ministry: Since 2008
Grew up in: Atlanta, GA (go Dawgs)
Favorite Food: Most Southern cuisine but mostly peach cobbler, pimento cheese, banana pudding, and biscuits.
Favorite Portico Memory:  While Portico was beginning the build-out on our IX location, our C.G., along with several others, came over to write out scriptures and prayers on the floor and stage before the carpet was put down. It’s a joy to know we worship and fellowship on top of those scriptures and prayers.
What I love about serving at Portico: I love that I have the privilege of creating spaces for those who belong and those who do not yet belong to Portico to meet Jesus.
On my day off you can find me: With my family, at CrossFit, reading, or cooking.
Books I would recommend: A Praying Life by Paul Miller | Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero | Crucifixion by Fleming Rutledge | The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard | A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson | Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright

Joe Teichman

Director of Operations & Administration

What I do at Portico: I handle the day to day operations of the church from facilities to office administration. I also serve as Pastor Desmond's assistant.
Years at Portico: I've attended since 2013 and have been on staff since 2017.
Years in Ministry: I was in ministry with Cru from 2012 until 2017, and on staff with Portico since 2017.
Grew up in: All over! Home has always been Richmond, VA, but I could also say I'm from Cleveland, OH.
Favorite Food: Beto's Pizza (small pizza place in Pittsburgh, PA)
Favorite Portico Memory: When I accidentally wrote "Joe to the World" on the bulletins! But on a more serious note, my favorite memory was being there with my wife, Nicole, when she was baptized!
What I love about serving at Portico: I love being able to serve God and serve the church through doing the behind the scenes work. Being able to create an atmosphere where people can walk through the doors of the church and have a full experience of God through worship.
On my day off you can find me: Doing work around the house (remodeling or landscaping), or working on my MBA.
Books I would recommend: The Mindful Leader by Michael Bunting, Knowing God J.I. Packer

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