Cville Food Distribution

Portico is partnering with Bethel Church to help distribute boxes of food to the Charlottesville community. Our mission is to fulfill one of the basic needs of humanity, “hunger”, by supplying wholesome and nutritional food at no cost to the recipient. This Food Distribution Program supports the nutritional needs of individuals by providing wholesome food to supplement their diet, while helping stretch their food dollars. Volunteers distribute the nutritious, pre-packaged, shelf-stable boxes weekly. Each box contains nutrient-rich food, e.g. fruit and vegetables, that help improve the overall health status of individuals and families. Future items will include a variety of dairy, meats, and cheeses.

Every Saturday starting at 9:30am we will meet the truck at Buford Middle School to load up the boxes and distribute them to the communities at Friendship Court, 6th Street, and Crescent Hall. For more information and to sign up to help, CLICK HERE.