7 Ways to Prepare for Easter

Jesus is alive, and in a few days, we’ll celebrate his victory! Easter is an occasion to celebrate the resurrection and victory of Jesus over Satan, sin, and death. It’s also a time for lost sheep to return home and lost people to meet Jesus.
Here are a few things we can all do to get ready for Easter weekend…
1. Good Friday (Tenebrae Service) is on Friday, April 15
Before Jesus rose on a Sunday, he died on a Friday. Easter weekend begins with an opportunity to reflect on God’s death in our place. Good Friday is a time of worship that leads to a deeper appreciation of Sunday’s good news. A Tenebrae Service (Latin for “shadows”), walks us through the last hours of the life of Jesus––allowing us to feel the weight of his loving sacrifice for us.
2. Easter is on Sunday, April 17  
Families celebrate victories. For the worldwide family of God (the Church), there is no greater celebration than the resurrection of Jesus. Because the tomb is empty, our hope is alive and unshakeable. Join us for Easter Service at 9 or 11am. Portico Kids ministry is open for both services.    
3. Ask others (Extend the invitation)
Easter is one of the few times each year when people will go to church with you—if they’re invited. Take a chance, invite someone and see what the Holy Spirit does. This is a great opportunity to serve those in your life that need to meet Jesus.
4. Ask God (Pray)
Ask God to make much of himself! Let’s pray for God to remove obstacles that may hinder people from coming and responding to the hope of the Gospel. Ask God to give you courage as you invite others to come with you.
5. Make Room
Both Easter services will likely be full. Please do your best to arrive early and sit as far forward in the auditorium as possible. This is an easy way to serve newcomers by leaving easily accessible seats open and available.  
6. Make New Friends
Sign up for Foundations. Foundations is an introduction to Portico’s theology, community, and values. It’s a great place to explore what Christians believe and meet others. It serves as our pathway to membership. Classes begin on May 8 during our 11am service. Click HERE to learn more and sign up!
7. Get excited and praise God for what He has done  
Jesus is risen and we're going to celebrate! Jesus lived perfectly, died sacrificially, and rose triumphantly. “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:56–57).
See you soon!

Yours in Christ,
Jason Conner
Acting Lead Pastor