Land Affirmation Vote Update

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Dear Members, Attenders, and Friends of Portico Church,

On Saturday, April 2nd, the Members of Portico Church received an email asking them to affirm by vote the purchase of 62.09 acres of land located on Polo Grounds Road. To remind you, the Elder Team informed our Members in March that they intended to move forward with the land purchase, while no building campaign would be pursued at this time.

Members were given the opportunity to review relevant documents and vote to affirm or oppose the purchase of the land.

 The following reasons were thoughtfully put forward by the Elder Team  as considerations for moving forward with the purchase at this time:

Our due diligence period is ending in April and we need to either move forward or abandon our pursuit of this land.
If for whatever reason Portico Church decides not to build on this land, it is expected to be marketable, allowing for a resale and recoup of assets.
Our present leased building (IX property) has been listed for sale which will most likely trigger a future move.

After reviewing all the votes, and many helpful comments, we are pleased to share that the vote passed with 98% of voters affirming the land purchase. Thank you to all who took the time to ask thoughtful questions, pray for their decision, and participate by voting.

As we informed our Members, the purpose of this vote was to affirm the action of the Elder Team. If this decision was not affirmed by a simple majority of the votes cast (more than 50%), we would have halted the land purchase process.

At this time our Land Acquisition Team (Tom Muncaster and Stephen Trivette) and Elder Team are moving forward to pursue the purchase of this land.

Yours in Christ,

Jason Conner
Acting Lead Pastor
Portico Church
[email protected]